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Mechanical Clock Service

When it comes to mechanical clocks it can be a bit more difficult to determine the reason why the clock is either not working or not keeping correct time. Sometimes it can be a simple problem eg.
  • The clock is not level and the pendulum is not ticking at an even beat,
  • Or the clock is being affected by movement or significant changes in temperature.
If the clock is still not working correctly after these things have been checked it may need a service/overhaul. It is recommended that your clock be serviced every 2-5 years. When you have your clocked serviced with us it will undergo the following procedure.

The clock will undergo a full strip down, which enables the removal of rust, dirt, old oil and all components to be visually checked for the following.

  • If the clock is badly worn it will require pivot holes to be closed. ( rebushing ).
  • Each cog or gear will be individually straightened, repaired or replaced. Pivots straightened etc. (a basic clock repair can include at least 20 each of these)
  • In some cases gear teeth are damaged, which require necessary repair.
  • In most aged mechanical clocks some old repairs are present which require attention.
  • Mainsprings are removed, checked for fatigue/cracks and are repaired or replaced.
  • Most repairs require some pieces to be individually made or sourced. When all the necessary points are met above the following can occur.
  • The mechanism is carefully reassembled and lubricated.
  • The clock is then is tested/adjusted and the timing regulated.
  • Upon completion we inform necessary instructions for care of each clock.

Quartz Clock Replacement

For Quartz (battery operated) clocks the most obvious reason for a mechanism to stop working is that the battery has gone flat. If the battery is checked and still has charge then it may be the mechanism that is damaged.

As most quartz movements are made with plastic components it usually recommended that the unit is replaced rather than repaired. Most quartz movements will last between 2 to 10 years depending the quality of the movement.


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