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Elgin pocket watch
Elgin pocket watch screw back...
$ 800.00
GST Included
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Swiss labrador pocket watch
Swiss Labrador pocket watch...
$ 595.00
GST Included

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K Brothers Jewellers
  Our Location
  Albion Clock Hospital
  • Design and manufacture of handmade jewellery (Appointment Only).

  • Engagement and wedding rings made to order.

  • Jewellery repairs and remodelling.

  • Bead Restringing, Engraving, Stone replacement and repolishing.

  • Gold plating, rhodium plating and sympathetic finishes.

  • Jewellery insurance valuations.

  • Graduation rings, school rings.


  • We Buy and Sell all types of jewellery / clocks / watches
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* Hours of Operation *

Tuesday - Friday 9.15am - 5.00pm
Saturday 10.15 - 3.00 pm

Closed Sunday & Monday

  • Watch service to mechanical and quartz watches.

  • Watch Glass / stem / crown replacement.

  • Dial restoration, band repining, repair, leather band replacement/clasp etc.

  • Battery replacement, case restoration.

  • Gold, Silver or Rhodium Case Plating.

  • Pressure testing and seal replacement.

  • Mechanical clock service and overhaul

  • Clock Quartz clock repair.

  • Clock Glass replacement, case restoration and repair.

  • Clock Dial restoration.

  • Clock and Watch Valuations.
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K Brothers Jewellers
& Albion Clock Hospital

K Brothers Jewellers and Albion Clock Hospital
414 Sandgate Road Albion QLD 4010
Phone / Fax 3256 0999